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Fruit and vegetables Mousses in 100 gr pouches

Natural 100% Fruit Mousses are a tasty, light snack, made of 100% fruit and vegetables. Produced from highest quality raw material (baby food standard, BIO), mousses provides the unique taste and a daily portion of fruits and vegetables. It's Thanks to the handy pouch and little size, you can bring it along everywhere: to school, to work or on a journey.

NFC juices

Sokpol Koncentraty produces NFC (not from concentrate) juices in 3L and 5L Bag in Box packages. NFC juices are pressed, 100% squeezed from fresh fruits.

Fruit and vegetable purees

Purees is an intermediate product manufactured by grinding fresh fruit or vegetable on a sieve to remove inedible parts (peels, seeds, grains).

Fruit flavors

The natural favours manufactured by our company are sourced in the dearomatization process that is a process for separation and concentration of natural aromatic compounds contained in the pressed fruit juice.


The company specializes in manufacture of fresh fruit and vegetable concentrates made from material from trusted suppliers.